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Fight Night is the flagship of RFPW and is now managed by Jeffrey Blight.

The first episode aired on 31 March 2014, and the program is still going strong, attracting new and young talent to showcase their craft.

From there on out, you can watch the show to see who goes to the top, and who gets iced down and will leave the promotion on a low key.


RFPW Championships
Championship Wrestler(s) Date of Change Show of Change Previous Champion
RFPW Championship Dan Masters 05-12-2018 Fight Night 151 Dylan Vincent
Women's Championship Mercedes Ricci 05-12-2018 Fight Night 151 Jayda Storm
Tag Team Championship Dutch Power 21-12-2018 Fight Night 153 -
European Championship Warrior J 05-12-2018 Fight Night 151 -
Women's Tag Team Championship Dutch Power (AK-18) 30-09-2018 Pain Crusade Switchblade Saints
World Championship Rick Kurvers 01-09-2018 Boom 86 Jaden Shadow


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