The Dutch Championship was introduced with the brand split, following the resurrection of RFPW end-november, and was an active title after the first Championship match at the RFPW Supershow of 27 November, 2014.

The title was retired when the Junior Division was created, but the title got reinstated quickly, for special RFPW programming, and may only be contested between wrestlers from The Netherlands, from the main roster as well as the Junior Division.

Title ReignsEdit

Wrestler Date of Change Show of Change Days Reign
Joel Vox 05-09-2016 Episode VI: Crossroads 3 1
Tommy End 08-09-2016 Revolution 6 24 1
Freddy Stahl 02-10-2016 Episode VII: Nightmare's Decision 28 1
Luther Valentine 30-10-2016 Episode 8 - Pain Crusade - 1
Luther Valentine unified the Dutch and RFPW championships into the RFPW Dutch Heavyweight Championship.

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